Andrew McCarty

IT Associate

Andrew McCarty Portrait

Andrew joined Resource Consulting Group (RCG) in May of 2022 as an IT Intern. Since then, he has graduated magna cum laude from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in information technology and has moved on to be an IT associate for RCG. Andrew is primarily responsible for ensuring all computer systems are working as intended, along with assisting with the expansion of the organization’s technology infrastructure.

Born in Orlando, Florida, Andrew has spent his whole life as a central Florida native. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, exploring local restaurants, visiting the Universal theme parks, and learning more about the latest in technology and computers.

Personal Thoughts

Looking back, if you had asked five-year-old me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would have confidently answered that I wanted to be a pilot. From a very young age, I have always been fascinated with planes. Partly thanks to my grandfather, as he used to take me by the airport so I could watch the massive airliners take off and land. I distinctly remember my excitement when I flew on a plane for the first time at the age of four when our family traveled to Connecticut. My eyes were glued to the window throughout the entire flight.

As I got older, I became intrigued by how these engineering marvels operated and precisely what it took to fly one. Obviously, there was absolutely no way I would be able to fly a plane for years to come, but I found a way around that. Growing up, we only had one family computer, and when I was old enough to be allowed to use it, I quickly discovered Microsoft Flight Simulator. I was immediately hooked and would spend days on end teaching myself how to fly all types of different planes. It was incredible that I could fulfill my dream of flying an airplane at such a young age. It was all possible due to another engineering marvel, the computer.

This series of events sparked my path down another rabbit hole (which I still have not found the end of) and that is technology and computers. I was fascinated by the fact that a computer had the capability to simulate the entire cockpit of an airliner, including all the buttons and switches, to give the impression that one is actually flying a plane. The power of the internet was all I needed to help me navigate down this rabbit hole. I would find myself reading guides, tutorials, and watching videos on computer repair and networking. Before I knew it, I could take computers apart and put them back together. I quickly became the go-to person amongst my family and friends whenever anyone had any technology issue.

Unfortunately, the dream I had as a kid of becoming a commercial pilot ended when I was 15, as I was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. At the time, Type 1 Diabetes was listed among the FAA’s top 15 medical conditions that disqualify individuals from becoming commercial pilots. The FAA has recently made exceptions for insulin-dependent individuals to become commercial pilots, but with stringent guidelines.

I had a tough time at first dealing with the adversity of my new disease. Constantly monitoring my blood sugars, everything I eat, and all my daily activities was exhausting for a 15-year-old. But as time has passed, I have learned to manage the hurdles that come with diabetes. In turn, I am grateful that it has taught me a great deal of responsibility regarding the importance of taking care of my health and being mindful of the foods I eat daily.

Although it was certainly disappointing to learn that I would not be able to pursue a career as a commercial pilot at the age of 15, I am ultimately grateful to have discovered my true passion in the field of technology and computing. At RCG, passion is defined as one of the firm’s core values, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize my passion for technology and computing to create positive and meaningful experiences for both our clients and staff.


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