Dr. Daniel Crosby & Frank Garcia, CFA: Your Brain On Money: How to Make Better Financial Decisions

On episode 23 of the Investors First Podcast, Resource Consulting Group Co-Chief Investment Officer Frank Garcia, CFA, interviews Dr. Daniel Crosby, a licensed psychologist who provides a unique lens into decision-making around money. Daniel is also the chief behavioral officer at Brinker Capital and a New York Times best-selling author of multiple books, including his most recent, The Behavioral Investor.

Frank and Daniel discuss:

  • Why we’re not wired to make sound financial decisions
  • How bear markets have a long-lasting impact on us
  • Why Daniel believes automating financial decisions is optimal in almost every scenario
  • Why, in Daniel’s opinion, it’s beneficial to have a financial advisor
  • How advisors can better coach their clients
  • How to encourage your children to learn sound money habits early on

Listen to this episode here