We’re more than just wealth and investment management.

At Resource Consulting Group, we look at the big picture concerning your finances with the goal of alleviating concerns and working toward set objectives. The first and most important thing we do is listen. We assist you in quantifying your hopes and dreams and in determining your tolerance for various types of risk. We work with you in creating a realistic plan that aligns to your goals. Only then do we design, implement and monitor an investment plan to help you accomplish them.

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What do you want to prioritize? Select specific keywords to align resources to your financial journey.

The Women of Resource Consulting Group

From future planning to risk tolerance, women often approach wealth and investments differently. With more than half of our workforce made up of women, we understand your priorities.

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Wealth management for wherever life takes you.

Want to retire in the tropics? Establish a trust to keep your family protected? Work with someone who’s been there. We’ll match you with a financial planner that understands your life goals.

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