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From retirement to estate planning, we consider all areas of your finances to help you lead your ideal life.

Founded in 1988, Resource Consulting Group is a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm. Our wealth advisors use disciplined, academic-based investment practices to help you build—and lead—your ideal life.

Our Approach

Meet Your Team

Your long-tenured team has decades of experience advising and guiding clients from all walks of life. We match your financial advisor’s expertise and skillset to your needs.

*No relation between Amy Davis and Mike Davis.

Our Values



We oversee our clients’ lifestyles and don’t take chances with their money. We protect their interests as we do our own—because they are. We prioritize communication and taking ownership and believe in doing what we say we will.



Unlike other siloed firms that focus only on driving internal efficiencies, we choose to share and take advantage of our entire team’s experience. By providing cumulative experience, we can unlock new ideas and ways to balance wealth and solve complex problems.



We focus on building well-balanced lives for our clients and ourselves. From retirement and estate planning to investment management and tax strategy, we use a comprehensive, methodical approach to take care of all areas that impact your life.



From the beginning, we’ve been passionate about our clients’ wellbeing. About being independent and doing things differently. We took the fiduciary oath because we always want to put the needs and interests of our clients above our own.



We’re surrounded by smart people and are grateful for our good fortune. We work together for the good of our clients and the firm. No strings attached.

Our History

We opened our doors in 1988 with two clients. Today, we manage $2.5 billion in assets for more than 500. Our mission remains the same: to be a complete financial resource for our clients.

RCG Opens Its Doors

In April of 1988, Mike Davis opens the doors at Resource Consulting Group with one employee and two clients.

RCG Starts Investment Management

In 1990, at the request of a client, investment management is added to RCG’s practice.

Read RCG’s 7 Investment Fundamentals.

Zero Alpha Group Logo

First Meeting With Organizers of Zero Alpha Group

In 1996, Mike Davis meets with the organizers of Zero Alpha Group (ZAG), a small network of wealth management firms committed to serving clients in a fiduciary capacity.

RCG remains a committed member of ZAG to this day. Read more about Zero Alpha Group.

Kimberly Sterling On Board

In 1999, Kimberly Sterling, currently serving as Vice President and Wealth Advisor, joins the RCG team. Kimberly would pave the way for a team of highly talented female advisors.

RCG Reaches $1 Billion in AUM

In 2006, RCG reaches the 1-billion-dollar mark in assets under management.

RCG Obtains CEFEX Certification

In 2008, RCG obtained its first certification from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (“CEFEX“), an independent certification organization that helps determine trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries.

RCG has renewed its CEFEX certification every year since 2008. Read more about CEFEX.

RCG Moves to New Office

In 2015, seeing significant growth in its employee talent base, RCG moves to its current location on the 6th floor of Capital Plaza II in downtown Orlando.

RCG Supports First Victory Cup Initiative

In 2015, RCG announces sponsorship of the newly established Victory Cup Initiative, a ‘shark tank’-style philanthropic endeavor that helps equip Central Florida nonprofits with the opportunity to learn how to adequately communicate their unique stories and win cash prizes to help further their mission.

RCG is proud to continue that sponsorship today.

RCG Turns 30

A lot has changed in 30 years, but one thing remains the same: RCG’s dedication to providing our clients with uncanny service, a disciplined approach, and the tools to help them create their ideal life. Thank you for celebrating 30 with us!

RCG Exceeds $2.5 Billion in AUM

In 2021, RCG exceeded 2.5 billion dollars in assets under management (AUM).

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RCG Opens Its Doors


RCG Starts Investment Management


First Meeting With Organizers of Zero Alpha Group


Kimberly Sterling On Board


RCG Reaches $1 Billion in AUM


RCG Obtains CEFEX Certification


RCG Moves to New Office


RCG Supports First Victory Cup Initiative


RCG Turns 30


RCG Exceeds $2.5 Billion in AUM


Wealth management for wherever life takes you.

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