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Amy is a wealth advisor with Resource Consulting Group. She joined RCG in August of 2015. Amy is a CPA*, attorney, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and has over 15 years of experience in financial planning and investment management. As a wealth advisor, Amy works closely with clients and other professionals in preparing, implementing, and monitoring their financial plans. She is also involved with the management and rebalancing of investment portfolios.

Prior to joining RCG, Amy worked as a family wealth advisor for GenSpring Family Offices, a national multi-family office. There she focused on wealth transfer, financial and tax planning, next generation education, and philanthropy. Amy has been published in Trusts and Estates magazine on the topic of philanthropy and the next generation.

Amy graduated from University of Florida with a Master of Accounting and, subsequently, with a Juris Doctor.

Amy is a native Floridian and enjoys going to the beach, paddle boarding, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Personal Thoughts

We often choose our specialty based on a class we enjoy — in my case it was estates and trusts in both my accounting master’s program and in law school. My professors were dynamic and their enthusiasm for the subject wore off on me. What I loved most was that it felt like one big puzzle with a myriad of possible solutions.

My first job was at an accounting firm where I was lucky enough to be assigned to the Private Wealth Group. This group helped individuals and families find the optimum solution to their income and estate tax quandaries. The solution usually focused on how best to reduce the check that the client would be writing to Uncle Sam. However, it rarely considered factors such as ease-of-use and understanding by the client or his family. Clients would often end up with very complicated plans that saved a ton of tax money, but were too complex to understand and properly administer. In many situations, the advisors were kept in silos and couldn’t work as a team to help ensure the plan continued to accomplish what it was designed to do.

My career eventually led me to a multi-family office. I was initially drawn to the position because it allowed me to continue working with families who needed estate and gift planning solutions. However, in my tenure I found my passion — helping families find their optimal solution, which didn’t always focus on tax savings. I learned to listen to clients “wants” rather than present what I thought they “needed.” Rarely was the focus on tax savings, and we mostly focused on how they could effectively pass their legacy to the next generation and prepare their families not only for the opportunities inherited wealth brings, but the responsibilities as well. I enjoyed sitting on the same side of the table as the client and working with their entire advisory team to help them meet their financial goals.

This experience drew me to RCG. When I met the team here and listened to the philosophy and core values, it aligned so nicely with my own values and experience. I love having the opportunity to put my passion to work for clients and their families to help them achieve and maintain their ideal life.

*Licensed not practicing.

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