Chris Driver

Chief Investment Officer

Chris Driver Portrait

Chris joined Resource Consulting Group in September 2022 and holds the CFA designation. He currently serves as Chief Investment Office for the firm.

Chris graduated with honors from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in business with a concentration in finance and a minor in management information systems. Chris managed over $800 million of foundation and endowment assets for PNC Bank and held the senior portfolio consultant position with Vanguard in the ETF division. In addition, Chris managed a five-star small cap fund and has been a senior grader for the CFA Institute. 

In his free time, he enjoys boating with his two boys, where he has been throughout the eastern seaboard with his 17-foot Boston Whaler and, prior to that, sailed a Hobie Cat off the beach for many years. His boys attend Auburn University and West Virginia University.

Personal Thoughts

Growing up, my father and I would buy old used VW Bugs and Karmann Ghias to fix up. We would get the local paper as soon as it was available, the night before its published date, and comb through the classifieds for used VWs. My father, the master negotiator, would negotiate the price down to $160–350, which was truly unbelievable and educational. Next, I would complete any needed body work and install a new stereo. If there were a need for mechanical work, we would have a mechanic fix it. Then we would get the car professionally painted and sell it for a profit of $1000+.

My brother and I both drove Karmann Ghia convertibles. We even had two customers buy two cars each from us. This process taught me that solving someone’s problem (removing an old rusty VW from the “wife’s” garage) and putting in significant work can be rewarding and fruitful. It also taught me that the price you pay is critical, and to see the upside when it could be difficult to imagine. Coming up with the optimal solutions for my colleagues and clients throughout my investment career while being optimistic and positive despite short-term downdrafts has served me well over the years.


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