First-Time Setup

RCG’s Virtual Vault (powered by Citrix ShareFile) is a secure space to share documents with your advisors and other members of RCG’s team.

The steps below will walk you through setting up your account and finding your way around the Virtual Vault.

Welcome Email

The first time a member of RCG’s team sends you a secure document, you will receive a welcome email with a link to activate your account.

Click the Activate Account button in this email.

Note: Check your spam folder if you’re having trouble finding your welcome email.

RCG - First Time Setup - Welcome Email

Confirm Your Personal Information

After clicking the Activate Account link, you will be asked to confirm your personal details.

Your advisor will have filled in some of this information. Please adjust or add any of the relevant information to your liking.

Enter your phone number at the bottom. That number will be used to set up two-factor authentication for your login.

RCG - First Time Setup - Welcome Email

Enter The Two-Factor Authentication Code Sent To Your Phone

You will receive a two-factor authentication code to the number you entered on the first screen.

Please enter the code that was texted to your phone. If you chose to receive a voice call instead, you will receive a voice call that will read out the code to you.

RCG - First Time Setup - Two Factor

Create Your Password

The following screen will guide you in creating your password.

Please note the password requirements and ensure the passwords you enter in both fields match.

RCG - First Time Setup - Create Password

Sign In With Your New Credentials

After confirming your password, you will be prompted to log in for the first time.

Enter your email address and the new password you created to log in.

Note: Please use the right portion of the page, located under the title “Client Sign In”.

RCG - First Time Setup - New Credentials

Getting Around The Vault

After logging in, you will see a list of folders that have been shared with you. (If you don’t see a list of folders, click Folders and then click Shared Folders on the left side of the screen.)

Click the folder that has your name on it to see the documents your advisor has shared with you.

In addition to the folder with your name, you will have access to two common folders: Regulatory and Resources, which contain documents accessible to all clients.

RCG - First Time Setup - Getting Around

Your Personal Folder

After opening the folder that has your name on it, your documents will be organized into several different folders:

  • [Upload to RCG] — this folder allows you to upload documents to your advisors at RCG

  • Quarterly Reports — contains the performance reports your advisor and the firm prepare for you on a quarterly basis

In addition to these folders, your advisor may add more documents as needed.

Note: you will receive email notifications whenever a new document has been added to your vault.

RCG - First Time Setup - Personal Folder