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Planning with purpose to build portfolios that last.

We take a personal, academic approach to investing because the most relevant investment objective is to maximize the probability that your future financial goals will be met. Improving the odds a little every year creates a high probability of success in the long run.

The Seven Investment Fundamentals℠ will help you avoid the dangers of market timing, stock picking, high costs, and ad hoc investment decisions. It will help you take advantage of opportunities provided by efficient capital markets, and offer a systematic, time-proven way to reach your financial goals.

The Seven Investment Fundamentals

  1. Have an Appropriate Allocation to Equities

    Equity diversity is the single strongest determinant of returns over long periods of time. Historical data supports that maintaining a mix of stocks and bonds helps reduce risk while increasing returns.

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  2. Stay Fully Invested

    While tempting during moments of uncertainty, taking money out of the stock market hinders your long-term success. Market timing adds uncertainty, reduces efficiency, and increases taxes and costs. The safest and most reliable way of achieving your financial goals is to stay committed to a diversified portfolio.

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  3. Keep Cost Down

    Did you know that your total annual portfolio costs should be no more than one percent? It’s worth counting pennies when it comes to investment costs. Lowering these expenses is mathematically guaranteed to increase returns.

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  4. Use Only Short-term Bonds

    The risk exposure from long-term bonds is disproportionate to the small increase in return. We only use short-term bonds to build fixed income. They’re practical and offer less risk than mid-term or long-term bonds.

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  5. Include Small Cap Stocks

    Small cap stocks produce higher returns than large cap stocks. Incorporating these stocks into a large cap portfolio can both reduce risk and increase returns.

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  6. Include Value Stocks

    For most investors, it’s smart to maintain a mix of value and growth stocks. Value stocks, on average, reduce risk while producing higher returns than growth stocks over time.

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  7. Have Broad Diversification

    No single investment strategy works all the time. A diverse portfolio optimizes the risk/reward trade-off inherent in the stock market.

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Most investment vehicles and financial services are too expensive. The cost of trying to “beat the market” causes most investors to fail to achieve average returns. Since 1988, we’ve taken a disciplined investment approach to help you meet long-term goals. Our investment strategies are based on unbiased research, not Wall Street hype.

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