Our Approach

A big-picture look at your financial life.

Our integrated, disciplined strategies take a holistic view of your wealth. We begin with your immediate and long-term goals, discussing your lifestyle and priorities.

We aim to educate and empower our clients, which is why we value education over pushing products. Our investment strategies are based on academic research, not Wall Street fads.

No hidden fees. No fine print. Just straight talk and a streamlined, uncomplicated life plan.

Totally independent and completely objective financial advice

We serve you solely in a fiduciary capacity, which means that we always put your interests first.

A fee-only compensation structure that eliminates conflicts of interest

We only accept money from you. Never third parties.

Our Fees

An educational approach to the financial process, not a sales approach

We don’t sell products. Our job is to help you build a custom strategy that makes your plans a reality.

An academic-based, time-tested investment strategy

We believe developing and adhering to a long-term, disciplined plan is the most reliable way to achieve your goals.

Access to the experience and expertise of our entire senior professional team

You’ll be matched with an advisor whose skills are closely aligned with your priorities.

Full disclosure of the total costs relating to your financial engagement

With a transparent fee structure, our clients always know what to expect.

Regularly scheduled review meetings and performance reporting

We want you to feel empowered and informed about your financial health.

A promise that we will always place you at the center of everything we do

We build close relationships and maintain constant dialogues to ensure everything we do drives you closer to your goals.

Transparent Fee Structure

We're only compensated by fees paid by our clients. We receive no other payment from any other source. We charge separate fees for financial planning and investment advisory services.

Investment Advisory

The investment advisory fee is based on a fee schedule and is subject to a minimum annual investment advisory fee of $9,000. The minimum is waived, however, for the first six months of a financial planning engagement.

Financial Planning

The initial financial planning fee is based on the complexity of your situation and determined in advance of the engagement. Annual financial plan update fees are typically 40% of the initial financial planning fee.

Our annual investment advisory fee schedule for assets under management:

Portion of assets up to $1,000,000: .90%

Portion of assets between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000: .50%

Portion of assets in excess of $10,000,000: .25%


For $3,000,000 under management, the calculation would be:

First $1,000,000 x .009 = $9,000

Next $2,000,000 x .005 = $10,000

Annual Investment Advisory Fee = $19,000

Wealth management for wherever life takes you.

Want to retire in the tropics? Establish a trust to keep your family protected? Work with someone who’s been there. We’ll match you with the perfect financial planner for your life goals.

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