Kimberly Sterling is a wealth advisor and shareholder. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree with highest honors from Rollins College, became a CPA and spent 19 years in public accounting. She then expanded her professional skills to include investment advice and financial planning, joined RCG and earned the CFP®.

She has served in many leadership roles during her career: • three years as RCG’s chairman of the board  • eight years as RCG’s president • president of Zero Alpha Group (a national professional affiliation of RIA firms)  • president of the Downtown Orlando Partnership • president of the Central Florida Estate Planning Council • co-founder and president for the Downtown Orlando Toastmasters Club. She was named Woman of the Year by the Women’s Executive Council in 1992.

Current civic and professional activities include the Friends of Mennello Museum executive board and serving s one of four public members of the Orange County Investment Advisory Committee. She is an allied professional in the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida.

Kimberly takes a break from finance and spreadsheets by playing bass and singing harmony in a local band. She also enjoys woodworking and quilting. She lives on an idyllic lake not far from downtown Orlando with her husband, Brian.

Unique Ability

Kimberly combines her strong tax and financial background with clear communication and visual tools to help clients make decisions that lead to financial independence.

Personal Thoughts

I grew up as a NASA space brat surrounded by engineers and astronauts. These men weren’t just colleagues – astronauts’ lives depended on successful missions and engineers felt a deep personal commitment to get it right. That childhood experience led me to approach most things from an engineering perspective coupled with the desire to get it right.

Several rockets launching into spaceWith an aptitude for math and science, life’s path led me to a 19-year career as a CPA where I acquired knowledge and experience in tax, estates, and accounting for individuals and corporations. With prompting from Mike Davis, RCG’s founder, I launched my career as a wealth advisor. I’ve stayed on this trajectory since then and continue to employ an engineering approach with a personal commitment to each client’s success.

In engineering, you never finish evolving, innovating, and improving. Likewise, in the world of wealth and investing we are continually learning and improving. The investment tools we have today didn’t exist 30 years ago. Today’s computers enable academics to unlock new insights about the market. I am on a mission to continually improve the value RCG provides to clients.

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